Terms of use

Terms of use for the "Digital Signage Cloud®" system

1. Introduction

The use of the "Digital Signage Cloud®" system is made under use a software component, the website of heinekingmedia GmbH (hereinafter referred to as the service provider) and the server of the service provider. Separate terms of use apply to the use of the software.

2. Terms of use of the server, website and services

Each user is obliged to use the server storage space on the service provider's server, the service provider's website, its services and content in such a way that laws and / or public order do not conflict. This applies in particular to the penal code, copyright law, competition law and the data protection law.

Furthermore, the server storage space on the server of the service provider and the website of the service provider may not be used for illegal or harmful purposes towards the service provider, its employees or third parties or for purposes that in any way can harm the website or its viewers or the normal function the website or the server storage space.

The use of the server storage space on the server of the service provider and the website is the sole responsibility of the user. This responsibility extends to the use by the user or third parties, of passwords or similar codes that have been issued to enable access to the server space on the server of the service provider, the website or its services. Regardless of this, the service provider reserves the right to block access to the software and server storage space on the server of the service provider at any time and without notice to users who violate these terms of use.

With regard to the content of the server storage space on the server of the service provider, the website - information, text, image and / or sound files, images, design, etc. - the following actions are strictly prohibited:

a.reproduction, distribution and modification of the content without the express permission of the right holder or in violation of the applicable legislation,

b.violation of the legal data protection regulations,

c.violation of the copyright of the service provider or third parties,

d.  the use of the content for commercial or advertising purposes with the exception of those that have been authorized by the service provider to do so,

e.publishing content that is likely to violate human dignity. This includes in particular discriminatory, defamatory, political, sexist, pornographic, racist, radical or inflammatory content,

f. with the form, content or pursued purpose of the content presented violate legal prohibitions that violate common decency and the rights of third parties (name, copyright, data protection rights, etc.). The user undertakes to ensure that within the scope of his presence no illegal content (in particular the content mentioned under e) and no services aimed at making a profit are offered or made available which contain pornographic and/or erotic content (e. g. , pornographic images, photos, videos, etc. ). B. nude pictures, peep shows etc. ) to the subject.

A breach of the aforementioned obligations by the user entitles refuse the inclusion of web pages, to delete the pages and links to them immediately and to terminate the contract without notice.

The service provider is not obliged to check the points mentioned. In the event that the user's websites violate legal prohibitions, common decency or the rights of third parties, the user is liable to the service provider for compensation of all direct and indirect damages arising from this. This applies to both material and immaterial damage. He releases the service provider internally from any claims by third parties based on the content of the customer's website. The service provider assumes no liability for the correct reproduction of the website of the user in the Internet presence. For indirect damage and consequential damage as well as for lost profit, the service provider is only liable according to the liability criteria for the use of the software, see 5.

3. Limitation of liability when using the server and the website of the service provider

The service provider is in no way liable for any damage resulting from:

a. Unavailability, lack of maintenance and incorrect functioning of the website and / or its services and content.

b. Unusability, inappropriateness or invalidity of the websites and / or its services and content in terms of meeting the needs, activities or results expected from users

c. The presence of viruses or malicious software programs.

d. Receiving, securing, storing, distributing or transmitting the content of the website by the user.

e. Illegal, negligent, fraudulent use or the use of the website, its services and content by the user, contrary to the terms of use.

As the website of the service provider may contain links to other websites, it is not responsible for the content of these websites and compliance with regulations of their operators.

Information that the user reveals on such websites is beyond the control and responsibility of the service provider.

4. Limitation of liability for hyperlinks

Hyperlinks from any website to www.digitalsignage.cloud or any other website of the service provider are subject to the following provisions:

a. Reproduction of all or parts of the services or content from the www.digitalsignage.cloud portal is prohibited.

b. Deep links to www.digitalsignage.cloud or to any page of the service provider is prohibited.

c. The service provider is under no circumstances liable for any content or service offered on the website from which a hyperlink was created or for the information and statements contained therein.

5. FORM and DURATION of the server and website supply

The service provider can modify the structure and design of the website unilaterally at any time and without prior notice at its own discretion. The service, content, access and / or conditions of use can also be modified or removed accordingly.

The duration of the website services offered to the user is not specified. Notwithstanding this, the service provider reserves the right to interrupt, suspend or close the website or its services in accordance with the terms of the sections above.

6. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

All legal relationships with the service provider are subject to German law. Place of jurisdiction is Hannover.

These provisions apply to the use of all offers including the websites of heinekingmedia GmbH.

Should individual terms of use be or become illegal or incomplete in whole or in part, the validity of the other terms of use remains unaffected.

7. Contact information

heinekingmedia GmbH
Hamburger Allee 2-4
30161 Hannover – Germany
CEO: J. Harries, K. Kretschmer, A. Noack
commercial register: HRB 215710 District Court Hannover
VAT identification number: DE813777792
Phone: +49(0)0511 67 51 90
Email: info@heinekingmedia.de